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Across the Country.

Action Expediting provides logistics and operation management, vehicles, drivers, and systems support for some of the largest distributors in the nation - many of whom are Fortune 500 Companies - from coast to coast. We are large enough to provide extensive distribution services on a grand scale, but small enough to be the most flexible provider in the marketplace today.

Crossdock / Hub Locations:

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Batavia, Illinois
Boston, Massachusetts
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Cincinnati, Ohio
Cleveland, Ohio
Dayton, Ohio
Hammond, Indiana
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Williamsport, Pennsylvania
Windsor Locks, Connecticut
Youngstown, Ohio

Atlanta, Georgia
Charlotte, North Carolina
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Florence, South Carolina
Lake City, Florida
Memphis, Tennessee
Orlando, Florida
Pompano Beach, Florida
Richmond, Virginia
Savannah, Georgia




Austin, Texas
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Houston, Texas
New Orleans, Louisiana
Shreveport, Louisiana




West Coast:
Fontana, California
Portland, Oregon
Reno, Nevada
Sacramento, California
Seattle, Washington

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